“After all is said and done, our vote goes to the Windzone EK-1 as the best deal for the comprehensive kit. It gives you a lot of well-chosen tools for the money.”

Big Twin Magazine review of the EK-1 (then list priced at $179.00! – now only $69.95!)

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how impressed I am with the EK-1HD kit I ordered from you. It’s evident that a lot of thought was put into the tool selection and the quality of the tools is outstanding, far better than what I was expecting for the price. I was going to order a kit from one of your competitors that cost twice as much but fortunately I saw your ad before I made that mistake.

I have been showing it to all my riding buddies which, hopefully, will generate more business for you. With this kit in my Dyna’s saddlebag I am ready for almost any eventuality that may come up at home or on the road. Keep up the good work.”

Rich, from Louisiana

I found a set at Barnettt Harley-Davidson® for $99.00. The kit is great. Already used it for routine maintenance today, just to make sure it had what I needed. Works great! The guy behind the service counter watched as I opened it up to show him how much was in there.

Needless to say he realized the Harley® set for $169.00 was not a good call on his part. The other guy just laughed and said, ‘You should have asked me, Windzone is what I have.’ Good enough for the service guys at the Harley® dealer, then it is good enough for me!”

Lamar, from Texas

“The Windzone EK-1 is the best kit we’ve come across. It’s extremely popular with our customers. We can’t keep ’em in stock!”

Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson

“OVERWHELMED!!! I am absolutely, positively, satisfied with my purchase from Windzone! You could not ask for, or get, a better tool kit for the money in my opinion. The customer service help and response time is Excellent! I’ll definitely be telling others about Windzone.”

Mitch, from Texas

“The first time I was on the Tonight Show, I gave Jay Leno a Windzone Tool Kit. He wouldn’t stop talking about how cool it was! They’re the best!”

Edwin McCain, Singer/Songwriter/Motorcycle Enthusiast

“I received my EK-1HD tool kit a week ago. It’s fantastic! I’ve already used it to complete two ‘small’ jobs that would have been major projects without the right tool to do the job. When I first started riding back in the sixties, Honda used to supply ‘tool kits’ with their bikes. They were, of course, not worthy of the name and were of questionable use at best. God help you if you got caught out in the middle of nowhere and needed one of the many tools the kit didn’t have.

This kit, however, now that’s something else again. It does a lot for your riding confidence to know that you’ll have the right tool for most emergencies you’re likely to encounter on the road. Thanks for a well-conceived and developed product. I’ll be recommending you to all my friends who are in the marked for a tool kit.”

Jim, from Arizona

“In golf, it’s essential to be prepared – same goes with motorcycling. I wouldn’t ride without an emergency tool kit and the EK-1 is the best I’ve seen.”

Emlyn Aubrey, PGA Tour Player/Race Car Driver/Motorcycle Enthusiast

“Thank You Harley Claus! I researched your product extensively prior to the Christmas Holiday. And from what I found in my reading’s, you had a quality product. So I left the flyer that I printed from the computer laying around, in plain sight, I might add. My fiance’ took the hint and ordered Model EK-1HD for a Christmas gift for me. Upon opening the box Christmas morning, I was pleased to see what she had done.

In my research mode, I had of course visited my Harley-Davidson Stealer (note the spelling, not an error though) to see what H-D had to offer in the tool line. Of course they only wanted $127.00 for 1/5 the number of items, oh yeah, it did include a cheap carrying pouch. So needless to say, your product was the definite route to travel. Okay, why am I writing this? To let you know of my sincere appreciation of the “Extreme Craftsmanship & Quality” that you have given to the Harley-Davidson rider or whatever one would ride.

My hat goes off to you! I am simply amazed at the amount of thought that was put into this tool kit. I mean, you can virtually do a roadside tear-down if necessary. I’m sure that this has been a life saver for someone. I hope that I am never in that type of a predicament. But in the event, I feel assured that your tool kit will be my “life saver”. So, thank you for your concern and understanding of the motorcyclist needs and safety. I will definitely be a promoter of your product. Thank You Very Much,”

Stephen, from Indiana

Email sent to Cruztools / CC: to Windzone: “I just visited your web site (from magazine ad). Your ad was a couple pages over from a Windzone tools ad. I have always liked your tools, but my final decision was Windzone because I feel I got more tools, the same quality and for less money.”

Nick, from Minnesota

“I just received my EK-1HD tool kit – I am giving it to my boyfriend for Christmas. I must say, to my surprise, how well thought out this kit is. It’s easy to see who master-minded this has been along the road a few times. It has everything… even a siphon hose.

The kit really rocks. My boyfriend will love it, and even though he’s been a naughty boy this year, I think I’ll give it to him early. Thumbs up here guys, to a job well done!”

Danielle, from Texas

“Thank you so much for all your time and efforts to get us the tool kit here for my son’s birthday. My husband and I really thought it was great that you worked so hard for us to get it in time. My son really liked the kit. We will be ordering another one for my other son in March.

We were impressed with the quality of the tools and all the accessories with it. We will be telling everyone what great service we received from your company. Many thanks again and you will be hearing from us again. Nice doing business with you. Best wishes.”

Carolyn, from Ohio

“The order arrived this Saturday. WOW! This is what I call a tool kit. I can’t believe the quality for such a great price. You can bet all my riding buddies are gonna want one of these. I’ll be showing all of them this bad boy. Thanks again!”

Fred, from Missouri

“Tool kit is the best! I would like to thank you for having a tool kit that is so good. It has everything you need to work on, and repair, a motorcycle! I am very happy with your tools!”

Jon, from Alabama

“You ads don’t do justice to the product. It is well packaged and well thought out.”

Walter, from Tennessee

“Just received the order and what a great tool kit! I shopped a lot for the right kit and could not see spending hundreds of dollars for what I needed. You offer great quality and value for the price. Thanks!”

Michael, from Massachusetts

“Thank you many times over! Your service is extraordinary and worth telling others about!”

Rich, from New Hampshire

“Tool kit arrived today! I’m well pleased with it. You really did think of everything when you put it together. The tools are of excellent quality and the tool roll is more robust than I had expected (silly me!). Thanks again!! I’ll show it to the boys in the Harley Dealership. Might generate a few orders for you!

The dealer sells one by Snap On (official HD). It’s not as comprehensive and it retails at £172 Sterling. Just thought you would like to know that.”

Will, from Northern Ireland

“I just got my kit today. Thanks man, you’re all right! I would be honored to do business with you again: fast service, great merchandise, and being over here in Japan, that’s important.”

Phil, from Japan

“Well you’ll love this story. Mark my husband, got his tools on the 12th, and loved them of course. Well yesterday he took his truck to his sister’s to put his bike back on the road, so he could get it tuned up at the dealership. Well, he left his own tool box at his house, but guess what – he had your tools in his truck.

Well he was so happy, it saved him the 10 mile drive back to get his tool box, but better still, everything he needed to put the bike back together was in your kit. He thanks you, and I also thank you for taking the time to personally send the tools to us. Have a great spring and summer, I know we will.”

Linda, from Massachusetts

“What a wonderful experience talking to you this morning. I wish all my shopping over the phone could be that painless. I anticipate many of our friends inquiring about this wonderful product, and I will definitely tell them about the service that you get from your company. Thank you again for being so helpful and friendly.”

Deborah, from Texas

“Hi. I just got my EK-1HD kit. I wanted to let you know that I am really impressed with it – although I haven’t used it yet. I like the wide selection of tools and they all seem to be good quality – I also like the lifetime guarantee! I am sure that when the time arrives to use it that I will be happy with it.

This kit is much less expensive that the kits I have been looking at, but it doesn’t appear you sacrificed quality to the point where the tools would be unusable. It has MANY more tools and costs much less that competitor’s motorcycle tool kits.”

Mike, from South Carolina

“Received the kit this morning and I am very pleased at what I received for the price and want to thank you very much for all of your help! I will tell as many people about your company as I can, as it is hard to find a good product these days at such an affordable price!

Your tool kit is more than expected and I am looking forward to the peace of mind that it will give me on long rides! I hope I don’t use it often but it will be nice to know it’s there when, and if, I need it! Thank you again for such a great product.”

Dan, from Washington

“First off, thanks for getting the tool kit to me so fast. I have not had a chance to use your tool kit yet. That’s a good thing. I did take it apart and look at all the tools. All I can say is, hell yes, what a tool kit! No cheap crap in this one. I will recommend it to all my brothers.”

Frank, from Alaska

“I like the type and quality of the tools very much and several other Harley owners came by the house over Christmas and they loved them. I am sure you will be getting additional orders. Again, thanks for the product and for your help”

Wayne, from Georgia

“Thank you. It’s exactly what I wanted!”

Fred, from Georgia

“I just received Tool Kit EK-1HD. I must say I am extremely happy. I would like to say a big “Thank You” for your help. Keep up the good work. As I said before, the tool kit is brilliant.”

Peter, from Surrey, England

“Thanks for the great service and terrific tool kit. My son was totally surprised and delighted. It is certainly a very high quality product. You should have a great deal of success selling these. We both wish you the best.”

Fred, from Missouri

“Just a note to say how impressed I am with the tool kit. The fact that it is guaranteed makes it a great buy, but I am even more impressed with the variety of tools in the kit. This kit is a plus for people to carry in their cars as well as for their bikes.

I have shown it to many of my friends and told many more over the phone about the quality of this kit. Thank you for the extra effort. It says a lot about a company when their service is as good as their product.”

Larry, from South Carolina

“I really like your tool kit. It’s fantastic!”

Dan, from Hawaii

“Hello, it’s me again. My hubby and sons were really impressed with the tool kit I ordered for my youngest son’s Softail. I would like to order 2 (two) more Model EK-1HD tool kits. One is for my hubby’s 2000 Wide Glide and one is for my son’s 1998 Low Rider. Thank you.”

Carolyn, from Ohio

“I just wanted to let you know that the tool kit I ordered last year has got to be one of the best presents I have ever given myself. I cannot get over the completeness of the kit, and the well organized pouch it comes in. The most amazing thing was the price. Thanks for such a great product.”


“I received the replacement Day Tripper and the gifts yesterday. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter and also for the gifts. I have purchased many items over the internet over the past four years and the vast majority of the purchases were made with no problems. The few that involved problems were handled very well but I must say that your company is by far the best I have ever dealt with.

After I use your products and they work well, I will certainly order more for family members for Christmas.

Thanks again for your great response.”

Michael, from Pennsylvania

“While on a ride through Colorado’s Cinnamon Pass, a bolt on my friend’s BMW GS was coming loose. He popped open his BMW tool kit and didn’t have the tool he was looking for.

I rolled out my Windzone Essential Tool Kit, he fixed his bike, and we were back on our way. I have yet to get my kit back. He says it’s in the mail.”

Joey, from California

“My 2 toolkits for me and my buddy arrived today via a friend who came to visit from Atlanta this Christmas. WOW what a surprise! I do not have a clue how it works on my HOG, but I am sure gonna find out!

Great product and very well put together. I can see you guys had thought of everything! Keep up the good work! We are very-very impressed!”

Georg, from South Africa

“Now I fully realize why I bought Windzone. You guys are the best!!!!!!!!! Thanks loads, lets keep riding. . .”

Wally, from Tennessee

“My order arrived today and I have to tell you that the quality far exceeded my expectations. The value in your products is second to none. Thanks again for superior service and products. It’s a rare combination today.

Keep up the great work.”

Jay, from Washington

“Last year my friends and I went on a ride from California to the Phoenix bike week. The guys were making fun of me having all this things packed away for the trip, mainly my EK-1HD essentials tool kit.

Well to say the least I was the saver of the trip, out of the six bikes only two didn’t break and the kit helped save the ride. I never leave the house for a trip, no matter what, without it. Excellent tool kit and very economical for the great quality you get in exchange.”

Tony, from California


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